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About AiraceUSA Store

AiraceUSA is the U.S. branch and seller of Airace bicycle products. The Airace company is originally from Taiwan.

AiraceUSA sells a wide variety of bicycle accessories for any cycling occasion or need!

AIRACEUSA's most popular bike products are: Mini Pumps and Maintenance Tools (such as the tire lever).

Mini Pumps: AI-AC-03 is a mini pump that is used to mount a small CO2 tank in either end of the product for easier access to the tire. AI-AP-46SL is the "Torch Road" micro white pump with a max of 120 psi. AI-AP-47SL is the "Torch Regular" micro bronze colored pump with a max of 100 psi. AI-AP-48SL is the "Torch Mountain" mini black pump with a max of 80 psi.

Maintenance Tools: AI-AT-01 is the dual Tire Lever that will assist in taking a tire off your bike. Multi-tool 9 has a variety of mini tools to help take care of your bike. Multi-tool 14 will also help assist in any maintenance needed on your bike, and the item includes a mini tool that is specialized for bike gears (see pictures).

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